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1. What are the most important issues to you?  (required)

2. When you consider the state of our economy, is inflation and government spending a major concern to you?  (required)

3. Healthcare is important to everyone. Unfortunately, many Texans are not having their needs met. Which of these options would you prefer to reform healthcare?  (required)

4. Families should have access to different educational opportunities that foster their student’s unique potential- whether it be public private, charter, or home schooled. To raise the level of education in Texas, would you agree that we need to empower parents by promoting legislation that ensures all students have access to a quality education of their choosing?  (required)

5. Concerning our border and immigration system, what do you think is the best solution?  (required)

6. Are you interested in learning or getting involved with the LIBRE Initiative?  (required)

7. Are you a veteran?  (required)