LIBRE Nevada Priorities Survey

What matters most to Nevadans like you?

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1. If the election were held today, who would you most likely vote for?

2. Do you plan on voting this November?

3. Which reason most closely explains why you remain or moved here to Nevada?

4. Do you think Inflation is a major problem in Nevada?

5. Do you believe that Gov. Sisolak has done a good job with his response to Covid?

6. Do you believe that government run healthcare like “Medicare of All” is the best method at improving the healthcare system?

7. Do you think that focusing police in higher crime areas is a good idea?

8. Do you agree that there should be a legal pathway for Dreamers (which are under-age children brought to the U.S by their parents)?

9. When it comes down to War, do you agree that congress should be required to vote on, when to send our troops into harm’s way?

10. Is anyone in this household a veteran or is Hispanic?

11. Would you be interested in attending either a virtual or In-person community event pertaining to these issues?

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