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1. Are you or anyone in your household Hispanic?  (required)

2. Latinos like many other Nevadans have been struggling economically due to COVID and inflation. More than ever people want our economy to start moving forward again. Would you agree that the best way to help people raise and climb the economic ladder is by cutting back on burdensome regulations and not imposing new taxes so people can keep more of their hard-earned money?  (required)

3. Education is a top issue in the Hispanic community. Families should have access to different educational opportunities that foster their student’s unique potential- whether it be public private, charter, or home schooled. To raise the level of education in Nevada, would you agree that we need to empower parents by promoting legislation that ensures all students have access to a quality education of their choosing?  (required)

4. Health Care remains an important challenge for Hispanics due to lack of affordability, access, options, and transparency. Do you agree that we should focus on policies such as a Personal Option that would create a unique approach to health care and to expand the scope of practice for medical professionals so they can recommend alternative treatments to terminally ill patients?  (required)

5. Immigration is good, but our current immigration system is not! Welcoming immigrants enriches America with new ideas and empowers us all to drive progress, innovation, and opportunity. Would you agree that we need to reform our immigration system by protecting our borders, bringing certainty to dreamers, and modernizing our current visa process?  (required)

6. The LIBRE Initiative is helping expand freedom and opportunity for all individuals! They are empowering folks across the country to be part of the solution discussions for issues that impact us all. Would you be interested in joining our movement by volunteering, attending events, receiving text alerts, or receiving more information about our efforts here in Nevada? (Check all that apply)  (required)